Need help with media and technology?
We can explain multimedia and technology and make sense of it a way that will allow you to make the best possible decisions on your tech path.
Not sure what you need to do or what will really help your business?
No two businesses are identical. The information and process issues faced by most businesses are unique and require a truly custom software solution. This is why we don’t just solve solutions, we invent them.
Know you need to be more technologically integrated but not sure where to turn?
And so you can optimize your output, we provide a number of assessment and solution options. We will comprehensively look over your operations, and then improve, streamline and update your business in ways from strengthening your brand message to updating you to cloud-based systems.


WE TALK TECH… and human too.

Sometimes you just need to understand something in order to make the right choice, but when it comes to the ever changing world of technology and media that is a difficult task.

At MOVID Studios we live and breathe tech and media and we make it our mission to keep our clients informed and up to date on what will or won’t help their businesses.

Our consulting services provide a way to remove the mystery and uncertainty of new and old technology. We train, provide tutorials, do public seminars and provide a solid foundation of informational and education so that your business can be confident with the decisions they make.

No matter where you business is at, having a trusted source for information and education is vital. MOVID can provide you a place to call and review a new offer, someone to join you on sales calls to help evaluate what others are offering, a place to turn to to ask basic and advanced questions and most importantly the confidence that you will be able to make the right decisions as you  go forward.

  • Understanding Technology

    In the ever changing world of technology.

  • Social Media Options

    Social Networking can be a powerful tool, if managed well.

  • Online Advertising

    The only truly targeted specific form of marketing and advertising.

  • Multi-Media

    Interactive, engaging media that enhances your brand and product.

  • Training

    We will train you or your staff in the ways of technology, with the capability of video tutorials for remote training as well.

  • Seminars

    Half day or Full Day seminars designed to educate or train groups about technology or any other multi media field.

  • The Big Picture

    All media is now connected and you can now make your advertising dollars work for you.


All great things start with an IDEA…But even the best ideas need research to truly begin.

At MOVID we take your technology and multimedia ideas, needs or plans and put them to the test. We research whether or not there is a solution already on the market or if you need something new.

We can put together an analysis report that can show options, pros and cons, cost examples, market penetration and more, so that you can decide how to proceed.

The biggest benefit to our research system is that we can save you time and money by determining idea validity and availability of current options, all for a fraction of the cost of actual development.

During the Research phase we will walk through a series of steps to create the best possible outcome.

  • Examine The Idea or Need
  • Discover Potentials
  • Market Research
  • Alternative Methods
  • Report Final Outcomes
  • Create Virtual Mock up
  • Build Virtual Final Product
  • Move to Development Stage

Through this process we can keep costs down and find solutions that work, before ever contracting programmers or moving into the development stage. This will save thousands of dollars by identifying issues, developing a solid concept and removing the costly edits and or changes in the development stage.


Through a massive network of talented and professional individuals, MOVID offers an array of possibilities to bring ideas to life.

Everything from custom programming to integrated multi platform solutions, MOVID provides reliable and ongoing development and support for products and projects of all scale.

Since we are able to provide the proper research and virtual mock up systems prior to the development stage, we can work within a more realistic cost and time assessment.  Avoiding the common  over budget and overdue project problems you find with other development firms.

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David Schramm

“Jonny D. has the rare combination of being highly creative along with a keen business sense. He is entirely customer focused and results driven. I highly recommend him for any audio/visual work.”

David Schramm President at Workingman’s Store Inc.Workingman’s Store