High Quality Video Production

  • Commercial Production
  • Industrial Videos/Safety Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Web Based Productions
  • Music Videos
  • Long and Short Formats

MOVID is the area’s premiere, professional video production house. We create one of a kind, cutting-edge material in both short and long formats, which can be used on all media platforms. And it’s done by nationally-experienced, award-winning writers, directors, and editors, but still with a one-on-one focus.

MOVID is and has been the local and regional choice for professional video production.

With a one-on-one approach to clients to establish exactly the product you need, and a staff of award-winning writers, directors, cameramen, and editors, we’ll deliver exceptional product in any format and available for all media platforms.

Commercial Production

Video production is a mixture of art and science which encapsulates your business and entices potential customers to act on your message. It should be entertaining, effective, high-quality, and work on different platforms.  We provide professional writing, HD video production, full scale editing, custom jingle creation, and professional high-quality voice talent from around the world. And it’s yours use however you want.

Industrial/Instructional/Safety Videos

Video training is a wonderful resource which teaches at the pace of the  participant.  And while training and educating your employees or guests can be time-consuming and expensive, we offer a simple one-time cost solution in the form of high-quality video tutorials, training videos, and instructional sections.

Promotional Videos/Web Based Productions

Promotional videos used on websites or social media can be as long as you need, inventive, and provide an interactive look at your product or business. We have the best toys to utilize this playground and let your imagination run wild.

Online Tutorials

We can quickly train your entire staff on most (software?). This is accomplished with customized program specific tutorials which we provide online for your employees. No matter what field you are in, our highly-skilled people will learn, explain, and record simple, step-by-step instructions which can be tackled at any pace.

Music Videos, Talent Videos, Films, etc . . .

Do you have a  talent you want to show off? We can show it to the world. Our staff will setup, direct and produce a video showcasing whatever you desire.

Professional Photograhy

  • Architecture
  • Product Photography
  • Professional

MOVID has years of experience with cameras. This is only part of everything we do. Professional photography of your products, events, organization or business are the cornerstones of our operation. You get the benefits from this experience in everything we do.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Business Identity

MOVID has years of experience with graphic designs. These elements are part of everything we do. You get the benefits from this experience in everything we do.

Graphic design is not the only services we have available, they’re elements which are integrated into everything we do.  Our professional graphic designers will not only design what you need, but present it in any way needed.

Graphic Layout

Don’t just stop with the content, we can make it fit whatever format you need

Logo Design

Make an impact with a logo which makes you stand out.

For: Billboards, Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines, Websites, Social Media, All Marketing

Video Production Request from Website

“Jonny D. has the rare combination of being highly creative along with a keen business sense. He is entirely customer focused and results driven. I highly recommend him for any audio/visual work.”

David Schramm
David Schramm President at Workingman’s Store Inc.Workingman’s Store

“If you want a professional job, MOVID is who you should hire. Here’s why: 1. Creativity and Flexibility ~ both are necessary to create good video content and 2. Competence ~ if you want your video to look and sound fabulous, if you want to know there will be no technical glitches, MOVID is the professional choice.”

Barbara Stewart
Barbara StewartMattress MaxMattress Max

“Service Jon gives is great.”

Jane Wittekind
Jane WittekindPresident, Wieser & Cawley Furniture, Inc.Wieser and Cawley Furniture, Inc

“Super helpful”

Honest Freds Flooring

“Excellent service and creative production that sets the benchmark to which all others should be measured. Jon is a natural!”

Osterle Auto Glass and Paint

“Weir Minerals North America is a major manufacturer of equipment, supplies, and services for the mining, sand and aggregates, power and industrial, water and waste water, concrete and recycling industries. We had an opportunity to film an instructional video regarding our Linatex® Hose Wear Indicator system as well as a customer testimonial at a major power company in West Virginia. MOVID Studios was selected as the company to complete the video for us and did an excellent job. They were able to meet the challenges of videotaping in a manufacturing setting and provide direction to our staff on how to make it a top-quality video. They were also able to format the video to match our organization’s existing video testimonials to keep with our branding and marketing initiatives.

Thanks again to Jon and his staff for a final product that will no doubt help us in our marketing and sales efforts of the Linatex® Hose Wear Indicator system.”

Lori Masters
Lori MastersMarketing Communications Manager Weir Minerals North America