Providing Quality Local Services to Hundreds of Local and Regional Businesses

MOVID Studios is the Mid Ohio Valley’s premier resource for professional web and marketing services, high-quality video/commercial production, custom programming, photography, and graphic design. We make websites, commercials, software, photography, and everything related for your business.
While it’s true we have over a decade of experience with local businesses and organizations, our talented staff is also comprised of award-winning, nationally-experienced professionals. This includes programmers, web designers, logo designers, photography and camera professionals, videographers, editors, and script and content writers.

We treat every job the same. With a one-on-one approach to the client and an attention to detail every step of the way. And whether it’s professional photography or logo design, these aren't just services we provide, they’re resources we utilize in every facet of every product we make.

Whether it’s websites, custom software, mobile apps, video and commercial production, or any of our other services, be confident the product you’re getting is in front when it comes to technology and what’s best for your business.

Use the product we give you in the way you want to use it. We are an independent agency. After we deliver, you own the material and you can use it however you want, as long as you want. If you’re in Ohio or West Virginia, or Parkersburg, Marietta, Vienna, or the surrounding Mid Ohio Valley area, know you’re getting the best.


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